There is a range of different mixing and processing technologies for use in pharmaceutical development and manufacture. Each different technology has its own particular advantages. If you are not certain which technology is the right one for your application, contact GEA Pharma Systems. We will be happy to advise you, using our strong technical expertise and vast equipment knowledge.

Mixers and One Pot Processing
Mixers and One Pot Processing

Mixing & Granulating

Planetary Mixing & Blending

The planetary mixer is the workhorse of any pharmaceutical process. It can perform all the basic operations of blending and mixing. The Collette planetary mixing machinery offered by GEA Pharma Systems has certain unique features ensuring that it is the only planetary mixer on the market that totally complies with GMP. We offer a full range of capacities, large and small, with all the features and options required for total production flexibility. Larger installations can be loaded by vacuum and discharge through outlet valves for a completely dust-free environment. A removable bowl adds to the flexibility and aids the cleaning process. All surfaces can be totally paint free, and all contact parts are stainless steel.

Mixing & Granulation

In the process of high-shear granulation, both mixing and wet mixing are achieved by high-speed rotation of chopper blades. The addition of a binder solution from a nozzle mounted on the lid of the machine aids the granulation process. The process is contained and efficient, taking only a short time. The overall cycle can be made more efficient by the incorporation of the Fillomatic vacuum loading system and the controlled discharge systems, both features of the Fral range of equipment. The Collette overdriven machine design ensure that no seals or drive mechanisms come into contact with the product, a unique GMP feature.

One-Pot Processors

Vacuum Drying

One-pot processors incorporate low and high-shear mixing action with high vacuum drying and processing. The whole cycle of mixing, granulation, and drying can be completed in a totally contained environment. Depending on the product, the drying cycle can be arranged to assist the makeup and sensitive nature of the formulation. Total containment allows the manufacture of high-potency drugs with due regard to the operator and the environment. The operator works in a regulated and safe manner, and the emissions are strictly controlled and monitored by high-efficiency solvent recovery and air filtration systems. Thus, the overall process can be valudated to satisfy all relevant regulations.

GEA Pharma Systems' expertise covers not only mixing and granulation, but also granule coating, taste masking, and sustained release formulations. Effervescent products and many new formulations achieve a very high success record in this type of equipment. This technology is responsible for the production of a number of new major formulations.

Gas-Assisted Drying

This technique assists the drying cycle of certain products by passing inert gas through the product bed using the mixing blade to agitate the product. The unique design incorporates gas ports within the profile of the mixing arm while maintaining GMP and ease of cleaning. The Transflo™ system is one of the many techniques that can be tested in our process development center and compared with more conventional processing techniques.

Microwave Drying

Microwave energy may be added to aid the drying process of the one-pot-system. A highly controlled process, it speeds up the cycle and offers many advantages, depending on the product. The technique allows the process to be both totally contained and fast, showing savings in its compact layout and the general handling involve in the overall system. It also incorporates the improved efficiency of a solvent recovery system, allowing it to address all environmental issues. The process is fully recognized by the FDA and has been used in many of the newly introduced formulations on the world market.

This features is incorporated into the Vactron range of processors, which first dry mix the ingredients then agglomerate the mix by adding binding solution. Final drying is by vacuum and the addition of microwaves. After adding lubricants and final screening, the finished product is ready to go to the tablet press or capsule filling line.

Pelletizing in a High-Shear Mixer

With products that require pelletizing, technology may be incorporated into the Gral high-shear mixer. Special techniques allow the preparation and the final forming of the pellet within the same bowl. A specially developed mixing arm aids the process, and in combination with other elements of the machine, guarantees a high-quality product.

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