Cleaning In Place Technology

Process optimization depends on efficient, effective cleaning. Cleaning In Place (CIP) features may be incorporated into all equipment produced by the GEA Pharma Systems for the pharmaceutical industry, including fluid bed dryers, high-shear granulators, and spray dryers. Automation of the cleaning process ensures repeatability, allows validation, and minimizes downtime.

Fluid Bed Processor with the old design
Fluid Bed Processor with the old design

The most effective way to implement Cleaning In Place technology is to design it into a process. It involves the additional of spray systems, tank cleaners, nozzles, and seals in order to automate the cleaning process. When applying Cleaning In Place features, we at GEA Pharma Systems consider every aspect of a system, from inlet to discharge.

The addition of automation to the cleaning cycle, in effect, converts batch pharmaceutical processes to a continuous operation of production cycles and cleaning cycles. Cleaning In Place technology has the advantages of:

  • Reducing cleaning cycle times
  • Optimization of the use of detergent and water
  • Avoiding the necessity for manual cleaning

The heart of our Cleaning In Place system is an advanced Wash Liquid Preparation Unit, which handles all filtering, preheating, mixing, and pumping of water, detergents, and demineralized water. It provides continuous monitoring and control of cleaning parameters, including flow rate, detergent concentration, temperature, and wash time, for full process validation.

GEA fluid bed systems offer a patented NON-SIFTING GILL PLATE™ air distributor that is much easier to clean than traditional double-layer designs. It is welded in place to eliminate powder traps. Other Cleaning In Place features are cartridge filters that can be fully cleaned in place, retractable tank cleaners, CIP discharge mills, reverse-rotate impellers, and strategically positioned cleaning nozzles.

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