GEA Nu-Con has been manufacturing rotary valves for over 40 years. These rotary valves have been used in process systems for dairy, food, pharmaceutical, fine chemical, agro food, nutritional products and food ingredients. GEA Nu-Con has an extensive line of rotary valves that will work with all standard measurements as well as custom fittings.

The primary function of a rotary valve is to regulate flow of product, typically dry powder, agglomerates, granules, seeds, grains, crystals, pellets, or other small particulates, from one chamber to another while maintaining an air tight condition.

Rotary valve 3D
Rotary valve 3D

A "convey-through" rotary valve is used for more cohesive or sticky and hygroscopic powders such as cocoa powder, flour and milk powder. Fine powder substances can compact and may not flow properly from a drop-through rotary valve as they tend to stick to the inside of wedge-shaped rotor pockets.


CV Diagram
CV Diagram
DT Diagram
DT Diagram

Convey (CV) and Drop Through (DT) types are available in all models constructed in cast iron, mild steel and a range of stainless steels. Outboard bearings are standard and a full range of shaft seal options are available.

Designed for general use on pneumatic conveying systems for metering and air lock duties. Also suitable for vacuum and pressure applications on a wide variety of powders and granules. ATEX rated rotary valves are available for hazardous zones.

CV2000 Example

CV - Convey Through: Material enters at the top and discharges horizontally at 90 degrees to the inlet via a pneumatic convey line.

DT2500 Example
DT2500 Example

DT - Drop Through: Material enters at the top and discharges vertically from the bottom outlet.

CT & DT Available Options:

  • Reduced capacity rotor pockets
  • Vents
  • ANSI Flange
  • Hard chromed bore and end plates
  • Replaceable rotor wear tips
  • Teflon coated rotors
  • Lurethane coated bore and end plates
  • Plasma sprayed Tungsten bore and end plates
  • Direct drives or chain driven
  • Air purged shaft seals
  • Plus many more...

Plastic Rotary Valve

Plastic rotors are an alternative to stainless steel rotors, which eliminates the risk of metal-to-metal contamination and can be used with GEA Nu-Con rotary valves in a variety of applications. These applications include: pneumatic conveying systems, dust collectors, cyclones, as well as hoppers for dairy, food, pharmaceutical, nutritional products and other ingredients. Plastic rotors are not suitable for all applications, so the product's temperature and valve pressure differentials are considered to assure proper sizing and clearance.

GEA Nu-Con Plastic Rotary Valve
GEA Nu-Con Plastic Rotary Valve

Benefits to Plastic Rotary Valves:

  • Eliminates metal-to-metal contamination.
  • USDA 3A dairy accepted materials.
  • Substantially lighter, easier to handle.
  • Good product release properties.
  • Manufactured in four available sizes.
  • One piece Nylon 6 rotor - Radiused pockets with bevelled tips.
  • Maximum operating temp 212°F (100°C)
  • ATEX rated rotary valves are available for use in hazardous zones.

Mini Rotary Valves

Designed for pilot test plants and laboratories in chemical, dairy, pharmaceutical and powder-coating industries.

"Mini" rotary valves provide metered, gravity flow of powders and granules at very low rates, typically 1.1 lbs/minute (0.5kg/minute) or less. Applications include pilot test plants and laboratories in chemical, dairy, pharmaceutical and powder-coating industries.

  • USDA dairy accepted sanitary-grade finishes are available.
  • Valve can be cleaned in place and is easily disassembled by hand.
  • Valve is suspended from drive motor.
  • Available with electric or pneumatic drive.
  • Standard process connections are 3" or 4".
  • Low-displacement rotors are available.
GEA Nu-Con Mini Rotary Valve
GEA Nu-Con Mini Rotary Valve

Rotary Valve Options and Accessories

GEA Nu-Con has an extensive line of Rotary Valves that will work with all standard measurements as well as custom fittings. Samples options are shown below.

Custom built units can be created to suit particular applications. Please contact us for more information.

Sanitary Rotor

Sanitary Rotor. Scalloped rotor with rounded corners, prevents product build up

Reduced Capacity Rotor

Reduced Capacity Rotor. For specialized metering applications.

Multi Vane Rotor

Multi Vane Rotor. Provides accurate dosing and reduces air leakage.

Helical Rotor

Helical Rotor. Shearing action against the valve body.

Disc End Rotor

Disc End Rotor. Protects endplates and shaftseals for abrasive applications.

Knife Blade

Knife Blade. Provides shearing action against rotor blade for fibrous materials.

USDA Plastic Rotor

USDA Plastic Rotor. Non-stick surface for sanitary applications.

Replaceable Tips

Replaceable Tips. Hardened materials for abrasive applications.

These Rotor options are also available in: Coated / Jacketed rotors, Stellite / Bevelled / Square tips and much more.

Other Rotor Options

Vented Valve

Vented Valve. Exhausts trapped air prior to product inlet.

Direct Drive Units

Direct Drive Units. Economical option eliminates the need for sprockets and chaindrive.

Rectangular Inlet

Rectangular Inlet. Maximizes inlet opening for non-free flowing materials.


Other Rotor Accessories

  • Rotor detection system
  • Rotor speed monitoring
  • CIP (Clean-in-place) systems
  • ATEX rated rotary valves
  • Cast iron, carbon/ stainless steels and special alloys available
  • Painted, polished and bead-blasted finishes
  • Low friction and abrasion resistant linings/ coatings
  • Air service units
  • ANSI/BS/DIN/JIS flanges

Additional safety switches/features and customized design for all types of rotary valves, rotary airlocks, blowing seals, rotary feeders and related equipment.

Rotor Detection Systems (RDS) Generation 2

The use of plastic rotors in GEA Nu-Con Demountable Rotary Valves has proven to be a sound solution for eliminating rotary valve scraping. However, plastic rotors are not suitable for all applications, for example abrasive or high temperature products require stainless steel rotors to be used. For these applications GEA Nu-Con has developed a special monitoring device to manage the potential risk of rotary valve scraping.

RDS Features

Specially designed for the food, dairy and pharmaceutical industries and anywhere that has to eliminate rotary valve scraping.

When fitted, the RDS continuously monitors the electrical isolation between the rotor and the valve housing giving immediate warning of any rotor contact. The Generation 2 has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the CIP (Clean-In-Place) along with a setting for the dry out of the equipment. The re-designed RDS unit is more robust and has an ATEX compliance option.

The Generation 2 uses longer life bearings in the Rotary Valve unit and a solid stainless steel rotor that can be serviced. Generation1 RDS and or Rotary Valves, such as the Convey Through or Drop Through demountable valves, without RDS can be easily retro-fitted.

Confirms valve rotor is running free after reassembly and commissioning online.

Generation 2 Rotary Detection System Features:

  • Adjustable Sensitivity via control module interface.
  • CIP Compatibility
  • PC interface Diagnostic System
  • Modified Probe - Robust and re-designed
  • Solid Stainless Steel Rotor

Generation 1 & 2 Rotary Detection System Features

  • Special monitoring isolated switch amplifier for remote mounting.
  • Instant output signal from any metal contact.
  • Fail-safe monitoring with fault output signal.
  • Confirms valve rotor is running free after reassembly and commissioning online.
  • Adjustable sensitivity via control module.
  • CIP Compatible.
  • Can be used in ATEX applications with suitable options via an ATEX compliant barrier - Contact GEA Nu-Con for further details.
  • 24V DC
  • Dual setpoints
  • Data recording to preserve history
  • Retrofitting of existing Rotary Valves to RDS specification option is available.


  • Monitoring rotor to housing contact.
  • Rotor Detection System (R.D.S) option is available on all GEA Nu-Con demountable rotary valves - including the Easy Slide Rotor support option.
  • Use for warning or process shutdown when rotor contacts the valve body.
  • Use with close tolerance stainless steel rotor applications
  • Use in high temperatures applications, to detect any rotor contact with the valve housing
  • Use with abrasive products.
  • Use in the feeding to filling lines
  • Use at the bottom of cyclones

Control Module

  • Controls RDS System
  • 24V DC, DIN rail mounted
  • Includes ATEX compliant barrier
  • Modbus / RS485 network communication
  • LED status indication
  • Separate contact / system fault outputs
  • CIP mode

Interface Adaptor:

  • PC Interface for system setup and diagnostics
  • Modbus / RS485 network communication
  • USB PC connection
  • Adjusts material / CIP conductivity setpoints
  • Adjusts on / off / debounce / latch setpoints
  • Logs operating data
  • Offline testing and diagnostics

Easy Slide Rotor Support

For sanitary rotary valves and hygienic powder conveying systems, it is often necessary to de-mount and clean the rotary valve and airlock rotors. When the rotary valve is removed for cleaning, the Easy-Slide Rotor Support helps to maintain precise alignment with the rotor components.


The Easy-Slide Rotor Support is an optional accessory for all GEA Nu-Con demountable Convey and Drop-Through rotary valves used in hygienic and sanitary applications. It safely supports the rotor and non-drive endplate when removed from the valve bore, and keeps them precisely aligned, making it easier to reassemble the parts.

The rotor and endplate are mounted to a hinged, slide-rod carriage assembly which is supported by precision linear bearings.

The Endplate by itself, or complete rotor and endplate assembly can be removed without tools and in one operation. It then can be turned to one side to access all of the product-contact surfaces.

The unique design simplifies inspection, cleaning and maintenance. It's ideal for applications where the valve requires frequent dismantling or when the valve is not easily accessible.

  • Reduces risk of damage to precision-machined rotor and body bore for optimum valve performance.
  • Eliminates need to "man-handle" heavy components thus reducing the risk of operator injury.
  • Assures precise rotor alignment in body bore for reassembly.
  • Can be retrofitted to standard Nu-Con Demountable Rotary Valves.
  • Heavy-duty construction features hard-chrome slide rods and precision linear bearings to maintain critical tolerances.
  • Maintenance-free design with permanently lubricated sealed bearings and wear-resistant components.
  • Available in left or right-hand configurations as well as a variety of materials and surface finishes to match rotary valve specifications.
  • ATEX rated rotary valves are available for use in hazardous zones.

Demountable Rotary Valves

Rotary valves designed to enable quick dismantling without tools, and are ideal for sanitary and hygienic applications.

Quick demounting without tools allows access to all product contact areas, for frequent cleaning. ATEX rated rotary valves are available for use in hazardous zones.


Convey and Drop Through rotary valves, airlocks and blowing seals are available in the full range of GEA Nu-Con rotary valves. Specifications range from non-sanitary to pharmaceutical grades, including USDA 3A dairy accepted models, in all materials.

Demountable Rotary Valve Options

GEA Nu-Con Demountable Rotary Valve
Demountable Rotary Valve
  • ANSI Flange
  • Easy slide rotor support
  • Plastic rotor
  • Reduced capacity rotor pockets
  • Vents
  • CIP cleaning features
  • Air purged shaft seals
  • Air service units
  • Direct drive
  • Teflon coated interiors
  • Plus many more...

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