The GEA Nu-Con SmartFil IS100 heat seals poly-laminate bulk bag (a.k.a. big bag, FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers), jumbo bag, baffle bulk bag) liners.

Kraft paper bags and metallic bags for dairy products can also be closed by the GEA Nu-con Impulse Sealing System iSeal.

Single or twin heating elements are mounted on the base of the sealer and are controlled by a ROPEX® RESISTRON® temperature controller enabling adjustable control of heat and time - the crucial elements for repeatable, precision controlled heat sealing of plastic films.

During operation, the sealer works from low to high pressure for operator safety. The sealer jaws close with low pressure to grip the film/bags.

After a preset time, the high pressure activates the sealer jaws to begin the sealing. Once the high pressure releases, a cooling process begins and then the sealing jaws open.

The ROPEX® RESISTRON® RES impulse heat seal microprocessor based temperature controllers allow all stages of the sealing process to be controlled.


  • Consistent seal pressure over entire length of the seal, maintained by an inflated air strip
  • Twin start buttons for two hand operation
  • Fully adjustable heating temperature and time
  • Single or Twin Ni-chrome heating elements with Teflon coating strip
  • Adjustable seal pressure
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting for easy operation
  • Emergency stop - isolates and stops the sealing process
  • Maximize your heat sealing speed and seal integrity
  • Create repeatable heat seals
  • Minimize your machine down time
  • Enable impulse and constant heat seal band control
  • And provide RES precision sensorless heat control technology

ROPEX® and Resistron® are Registered Trademarks of ROPEX Industrie-Elektronik GmbH, Germany.

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