The GEA Avapac range of multiwall bag fillers is designed to pack at rates of less than 1 ton per hour up to more than 20 tons per hour at accuracies better than 0.35 oz under sanitary conditions.

Due to our extensive experience with a wide range of powdered products and packaging types, GEA Avapac can provide a filling solution to meet the most demanding packing requirements. Our bag filling systems are in compliance with the strictest food & dairy and safety standards including FDA, USDA 3A, EHEDG, and OSHA.

All of the GEA Avapac Bag Filling Systems are designed to minimize the escape of dust from the packing machine and package into the packaging environment. Limiting the operators exposure to fugitive dust , especially when packaging material that is hazardous in high concentration, enhances operator safety. Controlling the escape of dust form the packaging line is also key for product (food) safety. Overall plant and operational safety is increased when dust is controlled so that dust explosion potential is minimized – a major concern in caramel and sugar plants, starch refineries, food & dairy processing facilities, and other bulk powder processing plants.

Ask us about the "Dust-free Guarantee" we can make when you install a GEA Avapac 50lb Bag Filling System.

GEA Avapac supplies:

  • Inline Bag Fillers - a range of very accurate and clean (almost dust free) baggers designed for low to medium packaging rates. Our inline bag fillers are available in semi and fully automated configurations.
  • Rotary Bag Fillers - Hygienic, high capacity and accuracy, fully automated, 50lb bag filler

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