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Hudson, WI, October 31, 2012

As a leading company in the sensitive beverage filling field with more than 140 installed aseptic lines, GEA Procomac offers state of the art wet PAA-based aseptic filling technology with ECOSpin for high speed lines, and with Modulbloc for low/medium speed lines, and ABF, aseptic integrated Blow Fill system that decontaminates the preforms with H2O2 dry process and maintains this sterility when blowing the PET bottles and throughout the entire filling/capping process.


ECOSpin is the 5th generation of GEA Procomac wet PAA sterilization technology. The choice to use only one PAA solution for bottles internal and external sterilization, environmental sterilization (SOP) and caps sterilization is the most simple and easy way to get a robust and reliable sterilization process for bottles and caps. One PAA solution and only 5 parameters under continuous control, to reach required performance: pressure, temperature, concentration, flow rate and spraying time.

GEA Procomac Modulbloc
GEA Procomac Modulbloc

External bottle sterilization treatment is a GEA Procomac distinctive feature. It is designed to be effective on every bottle shape to avoid microbiological carry-over into the ?lling area. This ensures GEA Procomac's ECOSpin continuously operates under aseptic conditions with no intermediate environmental sterilization cycles, maximizing the production time.

Moreover, the company has extended the running time between cleaning cycles for its low acid ECOSpin, allowing them to run continuously for up to 120 hours. It is a unique achievement in the market, since the filling of low acid products into PET, such as milk and milk-based drinks, when performed aseptically, traditionally requires a cleaning/sterilization cycle every 72 hours. Instead, the ECOSpin can run continuously for up to five days: increasing the line availability in this way, it is estimated that ten additional production days per year can be achieved, significantly reducing the cost per bottle and having a very positive effect on its environmental impact.

Aseptic Blow Fill (ABF) system

ABF systems have been increasingly improved on the basis of GEA Procomac's extensive experience of over 140 aseptic filling lines installed: ABF is the world's first rotary aseptic blow molding machine with an integrated aseptic filler and capper. The system is designed to guarantee the maximum sterility throughout the whole blowing, filling and capping process and for maximum efficiency and economy. For example, the key design decision to sterilize the preform, not the formed bottle, reduces the quantity of sterilizing agent used as the preform is smaller and an easier shape to sterilize than the bottle itself. As the preform is made of thicker material it's possible to increase the temperature of the treatment without risk of shrinkage that would affect the shape of the bottle. This allows the weight of the bottle to be kept to an absolute minimum. The system uses almost no chemicals and energy usage is kept to a minimum by the elimination of air conveyors, sterilization and rinsing turrets, water UHT sterilization, and steam. The whole system is more compact than traditional technology and requires fewer operators.

Aseptic fillers

GEA Procomac ABF-  Aseptic Blow Fill
GEA Procomac ABF- Aseptic Blow Fill

GEA Procomac Fillstar FX (an industry standard for aseptic filling) and Fillstar CX volumetric electronic fillers for still and carbonated products with and without pulps and fibers can be integrated both in ECOSpin and in the ABF System.

GEA Procomac traditional filling technology update

The continuous cooperation in partnership with the Customers and the attention to their special requirements brought GEA Procomac to the development of innovative solutions also in traditional filling technology.

GEA Procomac has recently introduced ONE bloc, the solution for filling still or sparkling water and soft drinks by means of an integrated process of bottle blowing and traditional filling, without the need for air conveyors between the two machines with a significant reduction of the plant's footprint.

ONE bloc is available in two different configurations: AERO is the standard configuration, with a glass protection around the filler that provides safety and an open environment and maximum operator accessibility; the absence of base frames avoids any stagnation in the filling area and offers easy accessibility to the machine. AERORING configuration allows the filling of CSD products without the use of preservatives in an optimal manner and, also thanks to a slanted base frame, is completely and easily cleanable with an automatic foaming cycle.

GEA Procomac ONE bloc
GEA Procomac ONE bloc in Aeroring version with filling valves housed in a microbiological isolator which maintains a controlled HEPA filtered overpressure.

The new Fillstar LX series, the range of volumetric electronic fillers with magnetic flow meters for water and any product filled in standard or ultra-clean conditions, and the new Fillstar LXi series, that provides all the advantages of the LX filler and can handle carbonated drinks as well, has been specifically designed to be coupled with the Airstar blow molder to create the ONE bloc but are also available in stand-alone configuration with or without rinser.

About GEA Procomac

GEA Procomac was established in 1979 as a supplier of conveyors and rinsers. It developed its first complete turnkey filling line for PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) bottles in 1989 and its first aseptic filling line five years later. Since then, the company has supplied over 140 aseptic lines for sensitive products such as juices, isotonic drinks, tea, and milk-based beverages with and without particulate. GEA Procomac has always considered its R&D activities to be essential to ensure its position as a technology leader.

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