GEA Liquid Processing (including technologies from GEA Niro Soavi, GEA Westfalia Separator, GEA TDS (Tuchenhagen Dairy Systems), GEA Filtration, GEA Niro and GEA Procomac) is the leading supplier of extended shelf life (ESL) systems. No other company has the same experience in developing, producing, installing, maintaining, servicing and supporting state-of-the-art processing solutions for pure, safe and long-lived products.

Extended shelf life (ESL) milk already has a niche market in numerous parts of the world (especially in areas where the infrastructure demands better preservations methods), but has somewhat limited acceptance by US consumers. Perhaps because of the off flavors and colors due to increased thermal processing; resulting in the Maillard reaction (a series of chemical reactions caused by heating or long storage and involving amino acids, carbohydrates and proteins.). Anyway, the market for ESL products is certainly growing.

ESL (extended shelf life) technologies aim at minimizing micro-organisms that thrive in many food and dairy products. There is no fixed definition for ELS (Extended Shelf Life). It is rather an approach where every factor and process step is been addressed and validated. That being said the following topics are probably the most important:

Basically, all processing equipment, filling machines, tanks, pipes, packaging materials and downstream solutions are evaluated from an ESL perspective.

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