In countless processes in the food industry, products are isolated and recovered from solvents by means of precipitation or extraction. When recovering these solvents, it is important that the product is treated carefully, that the redistilled materials are sufficiently clean and that energy is used effectively.

Typical distillation examples are:
  • manufacture of pectin by precipitation with alcohol
  • production of hop extract
  • production of egg lecithin
  • decaffeination of coffee beans
  • reprocessing of miscella
Recovery of solvents from pectin production
Recovery of solvents from pectin production

The picture opposite shows a rectification plant for alcohol. The precipitation alcohol from the pectin separation is recovered and the resulting stillage is evaporated using the same energy as the rectification column. The use of a thermo vapor recompressor affords particularly efficient operation.

Areas of Application of distillation:
  • concentration of precipitation alcohol in the manufacture of pectin
  • removal of ammonia from ion exchange eluates
  • dealcholization of beers with alcohol recovery
  • recovery of various solvents from miscella

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