The chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries and also the field of environmental technology all use and handle a wide range of solvents and volatile compounds in quite differing ways.

Whether concentrating, cleaning or recovering, working with these solvents requires a high level of practical experience and a theoretical understanding of the chemical engineering principles underlying the processes of distillation, evaporation, stripping and rectification.

GEA Evaporation Technologies (GEA Wiegand) employs the latest computer programs and the most modern data banks in its design and planning, thereby simulating the plants in operation and achieving the best layout.

Our distillation Research and Development Center is on hand should knowledge of particular products characteristics which are crucial to the design be lacking. This also enables complex plant systems to be designed and optimum operating conditions to be established when handling less familiar materials or compounds.

GEA Evaporation Technologies (GEA Wiegand) can meet individual needs in finding the distillation solution to specific problems and can even supply a turnkey distillation plant with complete processing lines (e.g. for the manufacture of alcohol) including the required control installations with either conventional controls or the most up-to-date process control engineering.

The individual units required in the product area of distillation technology are selected on the strength of many years' experience with vastly differing types of apparatus.

In addition to such well know types of evaporators as falling film, circulation, and stirrer, we use all proven column systems including packed columns, sieve, bubble cup, tunnel or valve trays.

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